Daniyel Hunt, Licensed Tour Guide

   For more than eight years, I have been a tour guide in New York City. I have led tours of Radio City Music Hall, Rockefeller Center and the Theatre District and worked with the tour company Big Bus. My tours are an hour , and are up to 4 hours long, covering different parts of the five boroughs. Each tour is tailored to a specific area in New York City. During my tours, we discuss the significance and historical aspects of the sights we see the people who brought these places to life.

Through the tours we learn about the city's art and architecture, the artist behind these works and their meaning.

Art Deco is a form of Art & Architecture, first brought to life at the 1925 Worlds Fair, in Paris France, called the International Exhibition Of Decorative and Industrial Arts. The idea of this Exhibition was done by a league of artist known as ,The Society Of Decorative Artist founded in 1901. Such artist of this organization were; Eugene Grasset along with Hector Guimard, and series of other young artist, Francis Jourdain, Maurice Dufrene, Paul Fallot and Pierre Chareau. With that explosion of art and design, the world became engulfed  by this new  form of art and architecture. Making it modern then and  contemporary now.

On these tours, we will not only discuss Art Deco ,but the engineering, politics and the men who built them, forever changing Manhattans skyline, and bringing about a new century.

New York is a vast Metropolis of an ever changing City, through change, story's get forgotten or overlooked, but on my tour we will reopen those stories and learn the history of all things magnificent.

I being a native New Yorker born and raised here, in Brooklyn, I have a slight advantage and a personal attachment to this City. Not only am I a licensed  Tour Guide but an Actor as well, educated at the Juilliard School and H. B. Studio. My love for Art Deco came from an early age, from watching of the classic films, depicting old New York, I became intrigued by the architecture, afterwards my passion of Art Deco grew. Artist from that period, such as the muralist Hildreth Meiere, American Sculptor - Lee Oscar Lawrie, and Rene Paul Chambellan, just to name a few. Had an affluence on me, and soon it expanded for me into my passion for Art Deco. Such landmarks to be mentioned are, The Chrystler and the Chanin Builing, along with the Beacon Theatre and  the Brooklyn Public Library Central Branch, just to name a few. All designed with the material that was used for Art Deco.

From Art Deco, I shall lead you in other areas of the City, not just the borough of Manhattan, but the neighboring ones as well,such as Brooklyn, and while there we will explore some of the neighborhoods such Prospect Park along with the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens,Park slope and Prospect Height,and look at the newly renovated  Kings Theatre in Flatbush as well. Also, Queens, Staten Island and The Bronx with each borough, there's a story, and together I will share that untold story with you.

Join me to explore the grandeur and beauty that make New York iconic.